Here Comes Monsoon

Here Comes Monsoon short poem

Uploaded by Sumanta Fernandes

The wait is finally over
Time to experience a complete makeover
Amidst the thunder raindrops will be drippin’
Turning dusty leaves fresh and green

”I’m the sole power”, thought the summer heat
Through tiny drops of water it faced defeat
Nothing on earth lasts forever
There’s always someone who takes over

Up from above comes the showers of blessing
Gives way to new life, a new beginning
Barren lands will be decorated with greenery
All eyes will witness a new scenery

To hearts it will bring pleasure
Innocence will have memories to treasure
The sky will dress itself in a colourful rainbow
On meeting it’s soulmate the mud will glow

Holding hands umbrellas will walk
Beautiful weather will be graced by musical talk
Cupids will continue to aim their arrow
Trying to plant love n happiness in place of sorrow

Flowing water will cross every border
Wiping out all law and order
Blessing in disguise is the season of monsoon
Binds all together in a single tune

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Resident of Goa. Am an Arts graduate. Working in a Real Estate Company as a Personal Secretary. Love reading love stories. Am sweet to people I like and bad to people I hate...A mirror of your actions
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