An Eighteen Year Old Lad

Here I am, an eighteen year old lad
Born and brought up like a prince, by my mum and dad
Never cried in pain, neither by lack of any leisure
Taking birth in this heaven had always been a pleasure.

Was born a quick, pointed like a sharpened pencil
My beloveds spent the cash, identical to the tallest hill
“Will uphold the family’s honour”, my parents thought
Unthriftiness, the people mocked

The initial steps were fun,
I was beneath none
My family commended me for my victorious battles,
But who knew, this is a war and not very a battle

The time flew, and my ambition grew pale
It was my teenage, and it took it’s trail
I cared more about my looks rather than my thesis
And hence started the crucial years of my life, but I was just a waterless Pisces

Now my path felt more like ladder of cactus rather than easy stairs
Sometimes I climbed, and sometimes I just stared
For now the journey seemed too difficult,
As the track became a horror, and I was no more a cult

I acted as if I have so less to conquer,
But i knew this etiquette won’t take me any further
Everything got blur, I waited for things to settle,
But didn’t knew, life was treating me like a butcher’s cattle.

I still see the glitter of hope in my parents eyes
But I doubt, whether telling them the truth is wise
They have spent their hard earned money and made sacrifice
I do wonder, whether I was ever worth that price.

Now the glimpse of future makes me cold as ice
I don’t know, whether it’s the present that I would suffice
Cause now the sharp pencil is blunt
And i am just a deer in a lion’s successful hunt.

What I dreamt, what i got
I mocked the making, and now I am just a defaulted pot.
I pray for being wet clay again,
So I could respect the making, and reduce my pain.

It’s difficult to shatter your family’s hope,
It’s lot easier, to get strangled by a rope
And here i am, an eighteen year old lad
Who dreamt of glory, but life turned out to be bad.

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