The Imitation Sounds-their Sounds

The Imitation Sounds their Sounds long poem

Photo by jude hill

The Imitation Sounds-
Their Sounds:

Like lion he roars,
growls like a male tiger
warning intruder or
a bear on prowl for

He gibbers like an ape,
chatter as a monkey,
screams like a chimpanzee.

Do you bark like a dog?
Yelp like a fox,
do you bray like
ass, donkey, hippo, and
snort like a rhino?

Do you go about with
trumpet reminding
mankind of largest
land animal-the elephant?

How good are you
at whistling?
Blackbird, guinea pig, and
sandpiper are your masters.

Do you scream a lot?
your teachers are-
peacock, eagle, and
expresses pain by groaning-
walrus does it better.

Moan as lovers do in
a sexual act?
Doves are better;
bleats as if one cries,
ask elk, calf, penguin,
sheep, and giraffe.

Do you bellow or thunder?
ox, stag, and bull-
are your tutors,
interesting in chattering-
visit magpie and monkey.

Do you chant in a repeated
rhythmic manner?
Falcon may be your instructor,
whinny-you may love-
gentle “high-pitched neigh”
ask the galloping horse;
let mosquito teach you
a long “high-pitched
complaining cry” and buzzing.

Do you squeak quite often?
Hare and rabbit are grand
masters of a long high-pitched
thanks to gull for squawking,
kudos to owl and hawks
for screeching.

Commend Okapi for cough,
humans spend billions of
dollars annually to cure,
listen to loons and wolves as
they howl,
befriend hyena to understudy
its laughter.

Wants to hiss very well-
visit snake in its hole,
don’t forget swan, goose, and
tapir, mice, and pig
will squeal for you,
parrot will talk to you,
just as grouse will drum
before you;
whales and birds will
sing carol for you.

Can you click?
Let zebra and dolphin
pigeon will coo,
raven shall croak,
for cuckoo,
it will cuckoo.

Do you want bell tolls-
go to deer,
your cow will moo you,
songbird, cricket, and
sparrow will chirp to
make you happy.

Frog won’t flog you,
but croak at you,
flies will buzz you all times,
turkey will gobble you,
titter-swallow will give you-
shearwater-will shrill you out-
tortoise like pig will disturb you
with grunts.

Chicken will cackle you,
at your entrance cock shall
upon your legs-cat will mew-
warble and pipe nightingale will
give you,
Boom, Boom, Boom-
you will hear from Bitten.

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Silas O. Abayomi

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Communication expert, education researcher, pollster, gender/physically challenged advocacy, linguist, poet, and a writer.
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