Call Of An Unborn Daughter To Dad

Call Of An Unborn Daughter To Dad prose poem

Uploaded by Kishan Negi

Call Of An Unborn Daughter To Dad

Dad I am your guiltless
and innocent unborn daughter
who is anxious to step in your house
will you please give birth to your daughter

Will you be happy on my arrival
probably not, because the daughter is a curse
but I promise you that
I will never be the cause of your grief and sorrow
I want to enjoy my childhood
in your lovely and caring arms and
look at the beaming rainbow in the horizon
but if you let me enter your gracious heart

Dad will you pamper me as much as my brother
the moon and the stars I do not want
just wish to behold them
while shining in the moonlight night
Dad will my this dream come true

Holding your hand on the river bank
I also want to see
the mischief of the colourful fish
I want to touch the stream of water
Dad just let me step in your house

I also want to see the flowers
blooming in the colourful spring
want to feel the rustle of the icy wind
want to hear the tingling of the leaves
Want to feel the weather chimes
I want to enjoy all this with my papa
only if you let me step in your house

Peacock dancing in the monsoon
Cuckoo’s melodious sound
chirping sparrow in the shade of banyan
I want to enjoy everything with
my loving, kind hearted and caring papa

Dad I promise you that
I will never disappoint you
nor let you ever humiliate
never will I demand birthday gift nor
will I insist on Barbie Doll
one day you will surely feel pride
by giving birth to your unborn daughter
but if you open the doors
of your merciful heart for me

But Dad you also promise that
you will not let this bud wither away
before it blossoms in your garden
I am passionate
I am excited
I am anxious to bloom in your courtyard
Dad will you pamper your sweetheart angel
and tickle her rosy cheeks with tender fingers

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