A Telltale Tale

A Telltale Tale short poem

Uploaded by SUMIT NASKAR

Today’s tale is a telltale tale-
More than wingless fairy tale!
But any man of Intel men will surely fail
And must they fail to be in fright I am to tell:

A thief to theft, in a home, he’s gone
From a pane broken, of a new known morn.
Bag and baggage, the thief’s luggage
He had all and of middle aged.

Stealthy cat, he started room…
No darkness, no light, no sound of moan
But a broom and a groom lay on by
There’s no fear, not a terrible cry-
For the sleep was slept by the groom’s sleep
As though benumbed in a deep death dip.

The cat caught all but busy in deed
To pocket the precious, his seeds to feed.
And full deed he did quite quiet way!
Nobody gassed, not a sound of bay!

Thus, a stillness morn
Had a silence born!
And a painful thought had a struck on him:
That there’s the groom but bride of him!
‘But bride of him!’ And not a stir!
No breath fuss, not a fear of hiss in a quiet air!

But a fan that hanged on ceiling leg
Was cooling body, lying on bed of peg.
Oh! It struck him! Struck him and struck him prim!
That was a moment of serious grim.

So, the thief cat stealthily forward steps
And broke his all that valorous shapes,
Coz head had a big hole caused groom lie.
That the thief had an eye and the thief had an eye,
To face that open sleep where eyes met Eye.
He felt a heart block and a dead to die!

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