Millions Of Voices

Millions Of Voices short poem

Uploaded by Shenita Etwaroo

There are millions of voices that are silenced
From trafficking, slavery, and exploitation.
Not just overseas, in third world countries,
But right here in our very own nation.

There are millions of tears that spill to the earth
Of those forced to perform against their will.
Sexually misused, abused, and degraded.
Broken, defeated, and left mentally ill.

There are millions of smiles that will never be seen
Dreams crushed right from the start.
Cries that are muffled behind closed doors.
As families are brutally torn apart.

There are millions of children whose childhoods have been ruined.
They’ll never know the unbridled joy of peace.
They’ll only know agony and suffering
Constantly praying for their pain to cease.

Together our voices can make a difference
It takes just one spark to start a fire.
To shed light on the horrendous truths
One story is enough to inspire.

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Shenita Etwaroo is an author, artist, educator, film producer, animal advocate, activist, and a vegan, who has devoted her life to helping the voiceless for the glory of God. In memory of her beloved Neo and animal companions, she has been aligned with animal rights groups and human rights groups, and shelters to spread awareness and protest injustice. Her works of fiction and non-fiction alike are homage to an active voice for the innocent, oppressed, and vulnerable everywhere.
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