The Relinquished Trip With The Soil

After four female checks, came a sparkling young man
The beginning of Sunday, Sep 09 saw the principal touch of a brilliant kid
Shouting, rolling and crying the black man
With grins and appreciation mother adores for the kid
Daddy and others join mother and express gratitude toward “The Prime Mover’ for the kid
Pure and puzzled was the kid

Convention and traditions manage the name of the kid
Saah in the Kissi family proposes the name of any first kid
Mama and daddy began another trip with kid
Unfortunately, two of the four checks relinquished the trip
To comfort the tallies, came three new relies on the trip
Qualities, ethics and morals check the trip

Yes! A journey brimming with strength and assurance
Gracious! The adventure starts with soil development
The soil that stamped okra-rice production and consumption
Well… the soil breeds the training and edification
Conditions couldn’t hold the soil from reproducing the triumphant direction

Genuinely the adventure opposed the odds with planning and inspiration
Be that as it may, unfortunately amidst the adventure
Enlisted ‘Unfilled surrender’ of voyage
Who to satisfy the relinquished adventure?
Here comes the immense Iron woman with a tool in her grasp
She holds the digger tight to proceed with the adventure
Expectations and Life returned on the adventure

Yes, the Iron woman with her digger and cutlass champions the adventure
Nearly at the skirt, flagged another agonizing deserting of the adventure
This time, the Iron woman with the tool, surrendered the trip
Goodness, the Iron woman surrendered the soil on the trip
Her tool is too overwhelming to proceed with the trip
Neither the cutlass to proceed with the adventure
The hearts can’t stand the adventure

Oh! Somebody truly needs to help the adventure
Thinking and crying can’t help the adventure
Yes, continuation and finishing must beat the trip
Once more, bravery and assurance went ahead board the voyage
This voyage must end in the impression of the Iron woman
The last winning guideline got the completing purpose of the adventure
Gracious, the Iron lady is the genuine champion of the trip!

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