Here I’m An Alien

Here Im An Alien short poem

Photo by BJ Carter

The box clatters with every sway of the automobile,
My tummy feels like metals crushing together, freezing my teeth,
The glasses shaking nonstop, feels like hell,
Everywhere we step is a death trap, dodging several holes,
The chauffeur, all red eyes, smoke & dust part of his life,
The wonders of my territory never end

The rusty concrete roof tile appears from afar,
There, all sorts of monster dreams await me,
No mom to comfort me, nor dad to chase after them,
They stare at me like a delicious meat, I’m all shivering,
New attire, rules, new faces,
Irritating bell rings, all get into motion,
What kind of life!

When I meet the better, the worse stares angrily,
Missing attires, notebooks, pens……
My trouble just began,
In dining hall, a plate half full, my tummy moans…
Every sunrise, one kilo less,
Endless punishments for late assignments,
How do I tell, the scenarios of my life tale?
I set to acquire knowledge, suddenly an alien I became

My skin seems inviting; all look at me like a fried meat,
Come here, go there, fetch that, and clean that,
Every minute of my life, a dance tune to orders,
When did I become so hopeless?
My thirst for knowledge, now thirst for exit,
I long for my warm bed, yearn for a proper meal,
All shutter when I see the calendar,
Eighty days to closing…..
I realize the alien planet is immobile,
Got to toughen up

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