How I Met Your Mother

As they were walking on the empty roads, empty hands and with empty pockets, everything became silent for a moment, both thinking what to say and a sudden emotion of unknown was raising making both of them uncomfortable. While she thought he forgot my birthday, should I tell him or not, he was thinking how to surprise her in the moment. He looked at the moon, sharp and still as beautiful as the silence they shared. He suddenly got how he could surprise her. As he started searching for something on the road, she looked at him what he was doing. After a while, she asked him what he was doing where he was waiting for the clock to strike 12. As they heard the sound of the town clock, he told her that he was looking for something special. She asked why he was looking for something special when he answered that he was missing someone. She was dispaired on that thought and started pretending as if she didn’t care. And he said there it was, cracking a loud pj onto her face, while she found herself laughing and rolling on the ground; he held her hand and told her that it was the thing he was missing, her happy face and he went on his knees, pretending the ground to be harsh and unable to sit on knees, he wished her a birthday wish on her cheek and asked her what she wanted to have as a gift. She asked him what he can give to which he replied anything. She looked around and in a sarcastic tone asked him for the moon. That was the thing she got trapped in. He was not pretending to be searching something but was actually looking for something which could help him do that. He made her sit at the corner of the footpath, joined both of her hands in such a way that, she could hold something and told her to close eyes. As she closed her eyes, he collected the water from the corners of the street and poured it in her hand. Then, he adjusted her hand to some angle, stood behind her with his cheek on her shoulder and said her to open her eyes and as she looked in her hands, a full moon was shining in her hand like a diamond ring. Its beauty was nothing in front of the innocence and the love they shared. She looked into his eyes and it told her everything he ever wanted to say and hugged him hard, went on her knee and asked him to give her the status of his wife as a birthday gift. But he replied with a no. Reviving all the moments back from the haunting past, same roads, same nights but a broken heart. She made him believe that she was not going to leave him and would wait for him, by the time he would not feel comfortable. He didn’t wanted to lose her, so he put a condition to marry him the very same day and after three year long, walking on the same street with empty hands and empty pockets and with a baby telling him the story of How I Met Your Mother took place.

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