Beauty And The Beast

Beauty And The Beast short poem

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I’ll teach you how to read
How soft the pages feel underneath
your rough fingertips
I’ll teach you how to play the violin,
How music reveals what’s been hidden
for years
I’ll teach you how to braid your hair
To shave your beard and soften your glare
I’ll teach you gardening so your roses never
And you’ll learn what it’s like to live without fear
I’ll teach you all that beauty can teach the beast
But you’ll teach me so much more
Because beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder
And I behold you
And you will teach me how to be thought
a monster without
but have beauty within
How to live in a great big castle all alone with your thoughts
And not be afraid
How to deal with housework when your maids
Have all been turned into teacups
And you’ll teach me how to be different and still be okay
You’ll teach me perseverance, how to get through the day
With no one to talk to but books
I think I realised that your library meant a lot more to me than your looks
And you’ll teach me all that beast can teach beauty
All that no one else would be able to
I’m glad I found you
And I’m glad that after we’re done teaching and learning from one another
I can show you that love is magic
Magic that will never hurt you
And never lose its power

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Niyoshi Parekh

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Hey. So I'm new to poetry writing but I love spoken word poems and I've tried my hand at a few. Would love to hear your feedback.
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