Memories Of A Child

Memories Of A Child long poem

Uploaded by Mario Vitale

A seed that grew from a moment of love
A seed that had only one goal, called love
To become part of something
Oh so old and yet so new,

Now you see a new life it will be a new creation,
A part of the now generation
A new feeling growing inside of me,
A new feeling one won’t want to deny

It is called a child, this is true,
But to us it’s a part of love from me to you
A first breath, then a cry- oh wow, now I sigh.
For now our seed has become one of the human race

What love shall go throughout our life,
For this new life will be oh so bright
A child, yes, a new life
Now watch this love grow and watch it close

For we all know a child can fulfill the upmost
All through sickness and pain
When in crying and laughing, in scolding or praying
Remember this is your flesh and blood,

For was created by your love
For now you see, this child will grow up and want to look back
Through all the hard and easy times too,
A part of that love that made me grow to remember both of you

Now memories of baseball, cuts and dolls
All my dirty foot and handprints on the floors and walls are a memory
For now you see I’m grown up
and love has found a part in life for me

I love you all and pray someday my love will be conceived,
And I too will give and bring a new life into the world with a sigh.
For a child is one of the most cherished memories of this world;
Love to Mom’s & Dad’s everywhere.

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Mario Vitale

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Mario William Vitale is a poet with over 1,000 toward his platform. Vitale was born October 23rd, 1970 in Bristol, Ct. Currently living in Wolcott, Ct where he helps as a care taker for his elderly handicapped mother Ann. Vitale is featured as a writer on Poetrysoup, Writerscafe & Allpoetry. Has a fan base on facebook with over 650 followers. He started writing poems in 1989 after the break up of his first girlfriend as a way to cope with life.
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