Symphony Of A Thousand Worlds

Symphony Of A Thousand Worlds long poem

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A sleight of the hand, a melodramatic move;
Fate plays its final hand,
A royal flush established, a victorious counter-move.
Or was it simply you, in tandem with candor?
Your misdemeanor forgotten,
Simply an existential demeanor?

How do you plead, guilty or otherwise?
Bring the bloke forward,
To be judged by the worthy and the wise.
Heed me now, when I say you are broken;
Crippled and cornered;
But nevertheless, in Life’s eye,
Fully exonerated.

It is said of our world, that it is one of many;
Ethereal and suspended-
A glorified hegemony.
Destiny’s ruling, its essence be damned;
It may be one of a thousand,
But it’s the only one you have.

You will find no solace
In greed and clairvoyance;
Instead wind your life
Around Will and Perseverance.

Your future may well be
Torn and misbegotten,
If you allow yourself to be
Discarded and forgotten.

Don’t loose your grip on the one Saving Grace
That which will guide you, protect you from haste.
It will extricate you from despair,
Allow you to cope-
With life’s endless malarkey
It is your salvation-
The last semblance of Hope.

Live your life, not the dictate of one too many others;
Embrace your life, not the will of other screeching blighters.
Live a life, grow to be the beacon of transcendence;
Embrace a life, the one true resonance.

If life gives you lemons…
Wing them right back.

Allow Principle to shape and define you,
Don’t allow this world to bend and deface you.
Acknowledge your presence, laud it as it is;
Just sharpen and express it, do it deserved justice.

Many a world abound, this dark and ominous universe;
But the one on which you stand is the only one you need-
Justly great and diverse.
Many a world abound, this vast and infinite universe;
But the one beneath your feet is the only one you reap-
Rightly open and transverse.

When the veil of Crimson draws across your mind
Just remember-you have plenty to lose,
In Love and in Kind.
When the endless night yawns for your kind
Just remember-you have plenty to lose,
Your Timeline and Mind.

One may have traveled far enough
To realize, understand and to be in the know;
That harbingers of love and hate, alike
Leave you weary, wanting and hollow.

A journey of a lifetime cannot be expressed, through dramatics
…And words;
Thus, engage and behold, this Symphony…
Of a Thousand Worlds.

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