Titan In A Cloud

Titan In A Cloud ballad

Photo by chirinecarlao

One morning as I sat sipping my coffee-
there he was peering behind my lemon tree.
At first his head displayed a 7up haircut-
then I saw his hands reach for all that was near.
He came dragging a cape of clouds-
that flapped in the wind blocking the whole sky.
As he got closer the sky started to frown-
gathering rain like tears in a tear-duct.
I could sense the weather’s agony-
as all critters ran for shelter.
Suddenly a chimera of thunder and lightening-
opened its mouth draining stalagmites of fury.
He had fingers webbed with stolons of dismay-
aimed at defenseless trees made to bow in fear.
With every step he drew he turned mist-
Into needles, rabbits, and penitentes.
He was a titan imprisoned in the heavens-
and a beast looking for beauty to enchant.
I stood underneath his giant legs-
like a spark dying out to the night.
He roared and I felt my jacket twist-
with a force that turned my hair into spikes.
I planted my feet deeper into the diamonds-
he shed and raised my head to look him in the eye.
It was that moment when I saw my fear cross over-
killing more of my dreams in broad daylight.
My failures were just the boots he wore-
to step on my withered soul that lay there bare.
Ego is a mountain where a titan called fear lives-
in isolation from counsel all that is reasonable.
There is no turning back now-
I must face my fear with fire.
Suicide by jumping from Ego –
to depression will only grow my titan.
And so I walk with faith a sun-
so bright it cuts through this titan’s cape.
I must send him barefoot with the failures-
and nude from the fears that once clothed him.
No one dies before his time a king once said-
and I shall do or die trying for no titan is eternal.
My fear is only as real as I feel-
love is the only remedy fit for this ordeal

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