False Truth

False Truth short poem

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Fateful memories prick me today
Taking me back to life’s old way
A storm of dry and vacant tears
Snatches away all my cheers
My deadly life just spins around
Making me sit back rolled up in a wound
Cause it was all a false truth.

Bright sunshine was ever with me
But now it’s the dark that befriends me
Loneliness is my sole company
My poor heart’s a tyranny
I am still weeping and serenading
Yet unbelievingly I go on peeping
To blend into the reality of this false truth.

A truth that keeps on knocking
At my fond heart’s window so unchanging
Yet realising that my heart was squeezing
Out all pains that it was feeling
I still went on pariently waiting
Cause I wasn’t sure what was happening
Until I knew that it was just false truth.

Soaking up myself with fond memories
Floating amidst my own stories
Falling down from a heaven high cliff
Hitting the ground and getting so stiff
More complicated than a tricky jigsaw
Hit so hard by life’s hacksaw
After facing that false truth.

My very own life broke up my trust
And abandoned me until I’d rust
Spaces and distances waiting to be filled
To cure my ailments before I am killed
Kept beating me from fathoms beneath
Until I could name it, ‘The False Truth’.

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I m 15 years old and i live in mysore, karnataka, India. I love writng and reading poetry. And i m particularly fond of the poems of Wordsworth.
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