Superb Blue Wren

Superb Blue Wren short poem


Australian songbird Blue Wren
Uses secret passwords
As an identification to their offspring’s.
The fact is that the mother bird teaches
The chicks when still in egg form
A special song that they remember
When they are born.

When one is hatched he uses the song
In their calls to be fed.
This is to prevent identity theft by others
Which are cuckoos…we know the cuckoos
Are parasite’s and they lay eggs in other birds nest,
The Blue Wrens use a ‘parent-specific password’
Similarly to their own young, and thereby
Detect foreign cuckoo nests.

Mother Wrens taught their mates the password
Also taught their trusted helpers, by singing
A ‘solicitation song’ away from the nest.
‘In my own conclusion.’
Nature simply points out to human
What would be great for our offspring’s,
Perhaps brilliant idea that parents could teach
To use a secret word or a password
On their cell phones for their protection
In any dangerous interaction.

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I have learned that Poems have a therapeutic impact on people.Poems have been recognised Worldwide as a unique Art in writing...Poetry is essential in any culture, and it is a valuable addition to 'World of Literature'... All Poets are unique and special. Thank you for your friendship in poetry...Peace...ZuZanna
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