Adelaide Rain Mirrored

Adelaide Rain Mirrored ballad

Photo by thapa.laxman

His words spoke to me as it rained-
of a struggle with feelings drowned by fate!
In his poem of beauty he showed-
me life drawn by a game of quoits!

His words kiss the rain with heed –
to show beauty and the beast not just narrate.
To him I am a rainbow painted-
through solo walks that minimize burden’s weight.

I tried telling him beauty that can’t charm is sad-
as it won’t lead to change or liberate!
But he is just repeating what he was told-
about an ill beast he chooses to isolate.

Never mind what the doctors said-
outlooks are what we ought to medicate.
Rain or shine don’t be detained-
by fears, pains and what to radiate.

I fear not the rain so I walked-
this earth wet unwilling to capitulate.
Rain purifies yet never leaves one deigned.
Life waits for no rain to truly celebrate!

We are all but electric wires dancing to the wind-
that comes with rain so let’s generate-
a world of our own my friend-
a place where faith and honesty can relate.

Sorrow and sadness keep me grounded-
but they are not enough reason to abdicate-
life and hope in the future to be claimed.
If I inspire you then why do you remain stagnate?

When I look to see myself in what rain poured-
I see what I need not what to duplicate.
Through your window’s glass I have peered-
and all I saw was broken raindrops so inanimate.

Rain is life to be reflected and refracted.
Let me mirror my rain unto yours to culminate-
all that you ingrain, don’t stay behind.
Here is where I pull you out from all that you exasperate!

I know you are fragile like a glass shard-
but I will handle you with care, please cooperate.
Come lets drop your cares like petals that wilted-
to water your hopes with passions that can intoxicate.

I’d hate to see you forgotten in the damped-
patio when you deserve to live a life so elaborate!
You are all that is noble and heid my Adelaide-
you have all the reasons to mirror rain and retaliate.

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