The Roadside Tree

The Roadside Tree prose poem

Uploaded by Dr.Indu Nautiyal

Passing by that deserted road one autumn evening
My eyes caught sight of a forlorn tree
All dried up without a single green leaf
It looked pathetic and a picture of grief

Lost , as if in the memories of past
Shedding tears on the present poverty
Silent but saying volumes without words
Unattractive but pulling everyone towards it

I too found myself stopping there
Perhaps with a mind to share its feelings
And asked why it was so sad and depressed
And if I could do anything to comfort .

With a deep sigh did the tree begin
To pour out the regrets of its heart
” There was a time I was all content
Covered with green foliage, flowers and fruits

Rich and beautiful , attracting everyone
Animals and birds and human beings
A safe shelter to hundreds of birds
Nestling in my arms in safety and comfort

Children played merrily all day under me
and left only when night descended
Tired travellers stopped here to be refreshed
As I offered comfort to whosoever came here .

And today I am here alone and ignored
Like a poor beggar sitting by the street
To whom none cares to pay attention
Isn’t it reason enough to feel depressed ? ”

In a bid to console the friendly tree
I pointed to the horizon with assuring words
” Look there comes the Spring’s caravan
Loaded with cheer and happy tidings

The hands of nature will soon cover you
With green foliage, flowers and fruits
Travellers will love to stop here again
And birds as usual will come to nestle

Long have you suffered and waited with patience
The good old days will return for sure
As Nature never fails in its regular cycle
And Spring does follow the cruel winter .

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Dr.Indu Nautiyal

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I have been a teacher for about four decades ,but even more than that , a student and learner all along --literature being my favourite subject with special love for poetry , a trait I seem to have inherited from my father,who was a very good poet ,it was he that instilled in me a deep love for poetry early in childhood . Starting as a science student ,I shifted to literature after graduation and and worked on Emily Dickinson's poetry for Doctoral degree. I don't claim to be a poet ,but do admit my inherent love for poetic utterances as and when I find them and sometimes feel inspired to give vent to my own emotions in words that seem to convey them .Honestly it happens quite effortlessly and also leaves me with an immense satisfaction .If it can be termed poetry ,all the more rewarding. .
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