A Faithful Friend

A Faithful Friend long poem

Photo by Jeffrey Duran

How can i thank
A most faithful friend
Who by my side
Has always been

Who’s never judged
Nor left my side
Everyday together
But left at night

This friend whose name
I never knew
Who never spoke
This friend was true

How can i thank
This true great friend
Who my life has followed
From the beginning till the end

My dear true friend
Of whom i knew so little
Uncovering his past
Was like an unsolvable riddle

I’ve tried and tried
With no avail
Remember how we met
When? and where?

But then with time
When life got slower
A young man no more
But Much wise and older

I knew that my true friend
Who forever stood by me
That when i die and go away
My true friend..again I’d never see

My friend who never left my side
You to have a friend like me
Who goes away at night
And only in the day you’ll  see

How can i Thank you my true friend
Who has no name and most don’t know
That the friend I thank so much..
Is simply my shadow

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David Bokolo

You’re a true friend to yourself; for you never leave yourself. And so our shadow glued to us. Nice poem, Barba.


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