Oh! Happiness Where Are Thou

Oh! Happiness Where Are Thou long poem

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Happiness! Happiness! Oh! Happiness! Where are thou?
You were with me, when I was in primary school, though I never thought much of you,
You followed me to secondary school, there also I didn’t recognize you,
You were a friend who wanted to be a friend to a friend who never noticed the friend who wants to be his friend.

I valued you not,
I never appreciated the smile you put on my face,
The laugh you made me laugh,
The joy you put in me, that I passed to others,
I treated you like the soil and waters of Niger Delta,
I neglected and abandoned you like how agriculture was abandoned because of oil,
I treated you like nothing, when you are everything.

Oh! Happiness! Where are thou?
Are you in the job that am searching for,
Or in the money that escapes me in real life but appears in my dreams?
Are you on tour with an artist,
Or on a foreign trip with a politician?
Oh! Happiness! Where are thou?

Oh! How I miss you my happiness,
I never knew you were the bodyguard that kept depression and frustration at bay,
Life was too sweet to loose,
Because of you, hope was my closest companion and friend.
The future looked green,
The soil was so fertile,
The future was indeed assured.

Oh! Happiness come to me!
Come to me oh happiness!
Come to me like August rain!
Come to me like wild fire,
Come to me like how light shines through the darkness!
Oh come! Please come, I need you.

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Benjamin Bauda

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Am a graduate of accounting from University of Jos in Nigeria, love to read and I try to write once in a while.
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David Bokolo

Sadness and Joy are the best companions. They are two inseparable things that rule our lives. Let’s set our heart on Joy to overcome the sadness that tends to subdue us. I like the narration of this poem.


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