Goddess long poem

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You are a Goddess, held upright
With hands that warm the soul and a voice that soothes.
Like water you take any form. Spreading in a dream that falls like drops of reign.
You are a Goddess, in the form of milk and honey.
Is it any wonder why bees love you as much as they do.
Something so rare, so precious.
Almost extinct.

Spreading in a dream that falls like drops of reign.
Brown sugar, a hint of spice.
A natural remedy that heals the ache of those in need.
Goddess do you truly know how precious, how rare you truly are.

Goddess I look to the moon every night.
Hoping to catch a glimpse of your eyes.
The tranquil gift that looms its gift of comfort.
Your voice
soothing, soft.
The wind that caresses the rounds of my face.

With natural curls of your wavy hair
The stars couldn’t compare
Nor the current of the strongest ocean.
Try as they might, they could never compare.
How they must envy the depth of your crown.

Goddess do you truly know how precious you are,
The cure to every aliment, every ache.
Every pain

Do not ever let anyone tell you otherwise.
Do not ever let anyone steal your joy.
For you are a Goddess held upright in the light of the Sun

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