True Freedom True Democracy

True Freedom True Democracy prose poem

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After many years of slavery
we still end up being enslaved today
After many years of exploitation
We are still being exploited till today
Oh! brother is revolution time
is time to live in a real world
stand up and rise your voice
speak up and cast away your fear.
After years of independent and freedom
where is the true freedom today?
After many year of struggle
we end up being marginalized.
If today democracy is what our
forefathers fought so hard for
I could’ve say is not worth fighting for
What is democracy without rule of law?
freedom with fear without a say
is that one a true freedom?
True freedom will not come
if we sink ourselves in fear.
standup tall and raise your voice
speak against heavy hand of dictator
you can make a different
Pull off your golden greedy coat and
Match like a soldier and be fearless
Our true freedom is Our birth right.

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Akadri Kareem

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A young and energetic poet who is fortunately from Nigeria, currently in United Arab Emirate. Currently working and studying political science. I have vowed to speak for the masses and inspire the the young people who are the future of our land, you and me. Let cut it short because the world is complicated
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