To Braze A Star

To Braze A Star long poem

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You raise me from my deathlike slumber-
only to die out in silence like a shooting star.
With sweet words you buffer-
my heart into a steaming samovar!

Your frown sinks like a smiting bolder-
ruining my entire day like splattered tar.
You say your requests will bring us closer-
when all I see is a forager seeking a deodar!

And though this shrew is smitten with a botcher-
She is mindful of her captor!
Eschar with ordeals and betrayal, yet never-
a foolish law breaker to be seen in a peignoir!

I am who I am, a star cursed with daylight slumber-
so let’s not fall for our natures and spar!
Our mundane paths diverge around a geyser-
that’s blazed our lives in values and repertoire!

Spare me the tides of tender for cinder-
for a heart left ajar needs no crowbar!
You are my lifeline’s dagger
just as I am your lifetime’s scar!

Condor of the sun, your actions I shall counter-
With a soul so quasar!
You are my daylight downer-
just as I am your prey my par!

You and I differ my dawn seeker.
You rise when I die my lifetime quare!
So I tell you seek the night not the bazaar-
for only the night can reveal who I am- a shining star!

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