85 Improvisations On One Smile

85 Improvisations On One Smile prose poem

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A smile is a butterfly just taking a break on a soldier’s helmet.

A smile is an ember emerging out from snow.

A smile is a children’s clothesline hung between two ears.

A smile is an angel’s photo in frames of wooden faces.

A smile is a merciful bullet in the corpse of cruelty.

A smile is plowing furrows in faces and planting two dimples.

A smile is a flock of white pigeons flying between two red crescents.

A smile is an unwritten, unspoken pardon.

A smile is a wolf giving up his tusks.

A smile is the travel of a roaming poet from window to window.

A smile is a love poem without rhyme.

A smile is the lips’ swing, hanging from a snow tree.

A smile is the sweet sleep of a lamb in Isaiah’s(1) bed.

A smile is the scattering of a heart into air.

A smile is a prophecy that can bear neither clergymen nor interpretations.

A smile is the two banks of a milky river.

A smile is daisy flower over a salt rock.

A smile is the fall of a heart upwards.

A smile is the carving of commandments on the soul terrain.

A smile is breaking darkness by a firefly chisel.

A smile is a lot of talk without talking.

A smile is the split of the sea over oysters.

A smile is a treasure invested to loosen crossed brows.

A smile is a silent music inscribed on white stones.

A smile is the secret door between two hearts.

A smile is God’s face on clay.

A smile is the victory of the jailed over the jailer.

A smile is the unrestrained painting in mummies shows.

A smile is the neigh of an almond tree among stony galaxies.

A smile is colored pencils on the charcoal streets.

A smile is the re-drawing of the maps of faces.

A smile without teeth is Christ’s loaf of bread.

A smile is the only candle at eyes caves.

A smile is heart’s windows looking at inner orchards.

A smile is a cease-fire without negotiations.

A morning smile is the joy of the rest of day.

A smile is a cluster of cherries over trees of hell.

A smile is a robe of roses over sand of deserts.

A smile is the shadow of a dove over a burning nest.

A smile is a flowering bough flying over the Flood.

A smile is an embrace of Spartacus(2) and Rome’s lion.

A smile is life’s mask in the kingdom of death.

A smile is the withdrawal of cheeks, so that a bride could pass through.

A smile is a comprehensive religion, without books.

A smile is a decorated bridle, haltering the jaws of the beast residing in us.

A politician’s smile is a cloak and dagger.

A bird’s smile is throbs of its wings.

An elephant’s smile is his ears making airscrews.

A cat’s smile is a Parisian kiss.

A dog’s kiss is the dance of a tale.

A dolphin’s smile is a jump to the sky.

A lion’s smile is the bow of his lofty forehead.

A poor man’s smile is a loaf of bread.

A smile in the UN quarters is a piece of dress.

A smile is a red berry over Eve’s nudity.

A smile is a tortoise beating a rabbit.

A smile is a little break on the circumference of a circle.

A smile is an open date and a postponed kiss.

A smile is a short holiday between two worries.

A smile is a silent echo of the unseen cry of joy.
A smile is a short flicker which lasts forever.

A smile is the only commodity not to be found in Hell.

When a smile becomes yellow, eyes wither.

A smile is an electric current without cables.

A hostess’ smile is a buckle of the lips.

A thief’s smile is a hole in the wall.

A murderer’s smile is fate’s irony.

A merchant’s smile is an expensive ticket.

A willow’s smile is a stab into a tear’s flank.

A smile at sunset is the preparation of a beautiful dream.

A smile before a match is a nail tightening morale.

A smile at a funeral is another death.

A smile is the victory over a hard rock by a drop of water.

A smile is Don Quixote’s horse at city of giants.

A smile is a colorful speech in universal language.

A smile at the moment of dying is a conciliation with the past.

A smile is pomegranate flower on time’s bomb.

A smile is a pendulum dancing in the clock of heart beats.

A smile is paradise’s lost apple and the key of the gate back.

A smile at jeopardy is improvising out of the text.

A smile in a bank is foreign currency.

A vague smile is writing on water.

A smile is the opening of a wound, so to heal other wounds.

A smile is a warm hug, without touch.

Here, every morning I leave my smile in my mirror and walk out.
Author’s notes:
1. Isaiah is a biblical prophet, believed to be vegetarian and calling for non-violence, where he hopes for a time when a lamb rests in the lap of the lion.
2. Spartacus, a gladiator, the leader of a slave rebellion against Rome’s oligarchy. It’s been told that he plucked a thorn up from a lion’s hand, then when he was supposed to be attacked by a lion during a show game, but fortunately it was the same lion, which licked Spartacus as a sign of friendship and gratitude.

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Fareed K. Ghanem

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I am 58 years old, from eastern Galilee, Israel (Palestine). I studied English literature, psychology and Law at the Hebrew university (Jerusalem). In the last three years, I published three books of which is dedicated to prose poetry. You are invited to visit the Facebook page Shadows of Water, where I publish my prose poems I translate to English.
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