Apathy long poem

Uploaded by Rebecca Lyle

The dry leaves cover the ground, soon the snow will fall ,
In the Winter of my life, I know I am there,
Everything is so bleak, but I just don’t care.

People killing others, for no reason at all,
The world has gone completely insane,
I try to wrap my brain around it, but I just don’t care.

Terrorists kill in the name on their religion,
Anyone they want to, for some damn reason,
Do it like cowards, they don’t fight like a man, but I just don’t care.

The environment is going straight to Hell,
There will be nothing for our future generations,
Animals are going extinct, never to seen again, but I just don’t care.

The trees are being cut at such a rapid rate,
We won’t even have air, and pollution is appalling ,
Water unfit to drink, but I just don’t care.

Cancer is everywhere, People suffer horribly,
Even little children with death in their eyes,
Did man cause this, but I just don’t care.

Indigenous people with nothing, no home,
No food, health care, living on the streets,
In the cold, dying daily, but I just don’t care.

People hate each other, just because they are a different color,
A different religion, a different country,
Seems they need no reason at all, but I just don’t care.

Different views, different politics, rich hate the poor,
Radical right wing hates the left, where is the middle,
Can’t be found, but I just don’t care.

The oceans will reach the point sea life can’t be supported,
Due to the greedy, polluting them,
Beauty will not be found anywhere, but I just don’t care.
The thing is, I do care to my soul.

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Rebecca Lyle

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I have written poetry for nearly 50 years. My first poem," A ticking of a Clock, was published in a women's magazine when I was 12. When my Mother passed away the poem was misplaced. I have been trying to locate it. I do other writing also.
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Hello, Rebecca.

There is so much truth in the poem. Your vision for the future through the mind eye is exposed clearly to anyone reading your words.
The poem sounds like an awareness to me personally. I am sure you care a lot what is going to happen to future generation I am too concern about the Planet Earth and the tree cutting, we should protect the environment.
Your poem to me is a message to make changes for better rather than going deeper with a destruction of lives and environments…I care.

Thanks a lot for the great poetry.



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