A Nation In Motion

There‘s no power strong enough to halt this motion
Thus, the universe, hinged upon a transient axis in her
cosmos plane, spin and revolves in an infinite motion
But not moving forward, thus days and years were born

All substances grow into ages in this endless motion
and passes on into an emptiness of time and space
None can tell if this motion would stall to a halt someday
and all things would cease, and time and space shall be
no more

How coincidental of our nation to have aped into
this universal stagnation of ever being busy yet motionless
Bereft of bearing and lost in ethnicity squabbles with
no defined point to bear, as time and tide speed into infinity

We are in an endless motion of getting nowhere
with the same old lyrics played in mournful tune
Hinged to her rusty projectiles with archaic innovations
she’d lost the impetus to be propelled to a higher pedestal

She is a replica of the universal idea of motion
Stagnated and glued to a rusty hinged plane
Captained by a throng of bigoted barbaric cult
in a frenzy of a vengeful and destructive tendency

Yet, she’s so endowed and bestowed with loftiness
of all nature’s endowments in greater proportion
She could be the envy of other nations
in this universal plane, but in a depravity of the will to
be great, she falters and cringe at the base of the ladder

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2 Comments on "A Nation In Motion"

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Ramapriya Nr

Beautifully scripted poem with sea deep thoughts that should be an Eye opener to the human race. hearty congrats for a wonderful poem


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