Cold Lost World

I hope it will all change eventually
Or Maybe it’s just me
Maybe I see things differently
Or maybe it’s the truth you’re scared to see
We are living in a world so cold and lost
You must freeze your heart cover it in frost
It’s survival at any cost
Kill or be killed
If there was real love left we could be healed
Trust no one, keep your lips sealed
Skin color shouldn’t determine how we treat them
Police no longer greet them, they beat them
This is a country with so called freedom?
It happens to more then just blacks
That’s just one of many disturbing facts
An ugly cycle of violent acts
What happened to the so called American dream?
Nice neighborhood’s now just another crime scene
Doctors now only help turn you into a dope fiend
I often wonder is there any souls left?
People will kill you for their next percocet
Murder for a pill and Big Pharma gets another check
A sick society, you could be gone in an instant
Yet they wanted to take our 2nd amendment?
For what? Create more violence out of resentment?
To recover and help our children live safely
Will require a commitment
Everyone must unite as one
Regardless of our skin pigment
If we don’t all come together
This nightmare will last forever

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