Jose & Tess

Jose & Tess ode

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Look at them; I struggle to believe time,
Seems like yesterday, all were so young,
Together in the fields of Kalia, domesticating was fun,
Games that touched our young souls, brightening childhood,
Like the birds in the onset of rains, happy always,
Be it after fights, quarrels, love thrived,
I salute the heavens, fathoming love is infinity

Remember all Christmas, resemblance was unavoidable,
Be it dresses, shoes, hairstyles, laughs,
Christmas was Christmas then, the love intensified,
To mom, all three names meant the same,
Call Jose, Tess, me, all answered, calling for a nose pinch,
Always her dolls, her life a joyous journey, us at her fingertips,
Your fights to be me, like cat’s kittens,
You both are a source of joy, in a dark moment

Jose the naught one, always on our necks,
The silly mistakes made, mom shouldn’t know, but no!
Jose was on it, we had to shiver in fear, and she loved that,
I salute time, it tamed us into maturity, can’t complain,
Tess no longer cries over everything, can cope with teenagers,
We can chat, no childish fights, impressive,
Same energy, faces, curiosity only in a grown up body

You grumble, mom made me second to her,
Why answer to me, we are equal, very funny,
Now I know my two cuties are strong, self reliant,
You Jose a land architecture, I admit can’t draw a finger, salutes,
Tess, a lecturer, impressive to mold youngsters,
But what to do, I saw the world first,
I got to stand up for you, be it advice, what mom can’t know,
I’m all ears, if you don’t; I will pull your noses, too bad it’s on your faces,
Like a guardian angel, I will cover you, help prepare for future,
I know you taller than I am, but remember I’m second to mom cuties,
Don’t I deserve an apology for grumbling, yeah?
That’s like it forever my cuties,
Loving you as always

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