Group Think Virus

Group Think Virus long poem

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Now I remember,
My math’s teacher asking a question,
And I just had to look around,
It didn’t have to be me!
We were so many in the classroom,
And so did they,
I call it today
Group think virus

Twenty five years down the line,
I realized I’m aging,
But still waiting for someone else,
To stand for me,
Less did I know!
I was on my own,
An adult I was,
Family looking up to me,
Society judging me,
Religion calling onto me,
Parenthood too,
I was confused, lost & hopeless,
I had to find something to hold onto,
Do as they were doing,
Too bad!
I chose the wrong way

Finding happiness in human beings,
Costed me my entire life,
I was cheated,
Harassed, let down & left alone,
I was always alone anyway!
Nobody can grant you what you do not have,
Love yourself; they will love you too,
Believe you can, they will too,
Choose a stand, they will respect it,
And that is what life taught me,
One night while wandering lost in the streets,
Cursing every human being, including myself

You will laugh with them, dine with them,
Lie, steal, and commit adultery,
But at the end of it all,
Everything has an ending,
Who will stand beside you?
Nobody maybe!
Know yourself first and make a choice,
The right one of course,
Help me, help someone else,
And together stop,
Group think virus!

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