Make Her Lucky!

Make Her Lucky! short poem

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lucky are those women, who are married to someone they love.
lucky are those women, who are free to be themselves
lucky are those women, who are told YOU ARE SPECIAL
lucky are those women, who are told YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL
lucky are those women, who are told YOU ARE IMPORTANT
lucky are those women, who are given their space dignity by their family in public
lucky are those women, who get same or more attention than they give away
lucky are those women, who enjoy a peaceful meal made or fed by her husband
lucky are those women, who work late hours out and still are very much eagerly welcomed at home
lucky are those women, having a husband who takes care of the kids as a mother
lucky are those women, iwho won’t regret to be alive

It isn’t that the list is too long orI am being greedy. it’s only that, we have to jot it down these are something I deserve.

The list above doesn’t require any money assets or major time-bound commitments,it is much simpler than how it looks. It’s all about giving away a little, to the women who in turn gives you all back.

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2 Comments on "Make Her Lucky!"

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Hello, Usha.

You penned a Jewel in this poem. Yes, a lucky woman whom someone tells she is beautiful…Yes, indeed they should be told that!
It is important to the woman to be appreciated.

Great poem I really enjoyed reading your poem.

Thank you,



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