Like Romeo And Juliet

Like Romeo And Juliet long poem


She was born in Spain, and he arrived from Egypt, for Centuries
those two were inseparable, a perfect couple they dance in tune
although, with time their apparel changed, but the duo still attune.
They could not live one without another not alone in one day soon.

It was a love from a first site, pure, strong love from a heart.
Like Romeo and Juliet, he loved the white dress on her
which was made of feather those days, and she loved his kisses.
A smooth touch of black, a liquid colour that she too loved so much.

Years passed, she was more sophisticated and enjoyed being seen.
With time, her apparel has changed in style, he needed her.
The love remained strong, at any time she came close to kiss her love
or to touched him with her tip, he was happy like a little kid.

A new century arrived their love was going strong, however, one thing,
had in common, they could not speak, living side by side happily ever after.
And silence was their best, while their love powerful, indestructible.
When he was resting she wanted him to be awake and attentive to her.

Years passed, a new era around, times changed for both of them.
People changed too and did not need them anymore, they felt unwanted.
Rested and restless on an old desk, soon he lost her, she died one day.
He cried out loud heartbroken for the love that was his for the entire life.

The love those two shared for centuries can be found in history books.
Two lovers liquid and a quill inseparable, a useful companion to any scribe.
Without those two lovers, a poet would not be able to write anything.
And the love they shared was indeed to them unique and complete.

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I have learned that Poems have a therapeutic impact on people.Poems have been recognised Worldwide as a unique Art in writing...Poetry is essential in any culture, and it is a valuable addition to 'World of Literature'... All Poets are unique and special. Thank you for your friendship in poetry...Peace...ZuZanna
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Rebecca Lyle

What a wonderfully deep love poem of the age-old Romeo and Juliet, you gave new eyes to one of the best of all time tragedies. I loved it.


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