Youth Is The Power

Youth Is The Power short poem

Photo by Edmund Yung

A piece of paper when flies in air, flies high in the sky
a drop of water when flows, never makes the ocean dry
then why are you waiting for a chance, when you have a chance to try?
You can’t give up,
’cause the world is waiting, waiting for you,
to see your talent.

You are the young enhancers of the world,
don’t give a chance to the world to exclaim you as just a man!
Don’t let the poor sinners think themselves as a dog eater
don’t let your sunshine go in vain
don’t let the spring go away
’cause the world is waiting, waiting for you,
to see your test your powers.

You are the one who can change the world
you are the youth that can bring the unity
you are the light that can prevent the dark
you are the spring that can bring the summer
embrace your life,
’cause the world is waiting, waiting for you
to be a legend.

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