I Repair Broken Hearts

I’m that light, at the end of a dark tunnel, shinning dimly,
You doubt if I can help, despite my many whispers & calls,
I can feel all your anger, sorrow, lost hope, curses & wishes,
And here I am, trust in me, give a chance, to repair you,
I’m not the best of the mechanics but I offer the best of the best,
My child, I exist for your kind, spare me a minute to repair you

Hearts are like an egg; they break easily and scatter,
Too much trust in humans break hearts in a thousand times,
One lie kills a strong heart, so many cracks; I got to pick my tools,
My work isn’t easy, many lock their sorrow, I knock, no answer,
My child, how do I explain, emotions can range from profound sadness,
To intense anger you see, this alone is exhausting & sickening,
I’m that cure you search every night crying yourself to sleep

I know your heart curses, was it all an illusion? Your belief blurred,
He left a hole so deep, emptiness far big to fill with tears,
My child, why waste precious tears, a smile hides the bitter truth,
He stole all that mattered to a soul like you, countless bathing hours,
But the same you, his touch, his smell, his snoring habit, his stare,
Perfectly in your mind, like a movie replaying all day long, no pauses,
For how long, days, weeks, months, still soaking your pillows, try pitying them,
I’m here for you, an angel at your time of need, a cure of your heart illness

You are a strong you, not realized, only seen in your anger & desire for revenge,
No my child, hold onto me, I am the hope, the light at your darkest moment,
Call onto me, I’m listening, I offer strength, hope & light,
I fight your battles, tough for your humanity, and heal your wounded love,
For I am love, the true love, eternal love, unbroken by my creation,
Come to me, I’m all arms wide, believe in me, and I will dry your tears,
Comfort you at your darkest moment, offer a shoulder to cry on, and open new doors of hope,
For with each door I close, I open another, only you see the closed & not the one I open.

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http://highonpoems.com/members/winfred_mutindi/.I'm a Graduate of The University of Nairobi Kenya & I hold an higher Diploma in Human Resource Management as well.Poetry is my passion, it comes naturally and enables me to inspire someone out there with real life issues affecting our society today.Follow me in Facebook, Twitter & Google+ and get the best of my poems
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