The Bride

The Bride prose poem

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I had just jumped out of a puddle of water and
Then walked through the garden before I entered
The living room of my house
I don’t remember how old I was then but
I know I was small enough to be accepted
Inside my house with all the mess that I had carried in with me
My mom was turning through the pages of memories- (her wedding album)
I sit beside her and thought my mom was some princess who
Had run away with a soldier (My dad).
“This is me, the bride “, Says my mom.
I nodded, I smiled, and I consumed that image inside me.

I walk along with my mom and dad
To a hall filled with people
Wearing the best of attires and jewelries they had
The fragrance of jasmine followed me; the giggles of girls reached my ears.
My dad held me in his arm to show me something
“Look straight ahead right there, the bride and the groom “, says my dad
I am charmed by the whole affair, I ask or rather I tell him
“I too want to look that beautiful”.
He looks at me he smiles he says
“You, my child shall make the most beautiful bride.”

My mom turns the pages of a magazine,
I quickly find a well-dressed bride (model for the magazine)
I tell my mom “I quite like the Jewelry she’s wearing “.
Yes we will make something more beautiful for you too.
She sighed, she smiled, and she closed her eyes
She probably imagined how I would look as a bride.
She held me close and whispered in my ears
“You, my child shall make the most beautiful bride.”

They were busy sketching some funny faces in their books
I ask my brothers if it was their new assignment
They say, “We are busy sketching out your groom’s face,”
They fall on the ground, bursting out to laughter.
I get up almost annoyed to hit them and to tear off the pages.
I know they love me and have no heart to see me sad
They both sit beside me on my either sides and say
“You, our most loving sister shall make the most beautiful bride and
You shall be lucky to have the most honest groom “.

I find the love of my life,
We decide to marry
I sit in front of the mirror
I wonder what colors would I wear for my wedding
What jewelry will I adorn?
I close my eyes and imagine the fragrance of Jasmine that once followed me
I hear the giggles of the girls that once reached my eyes
I see the image of my mom as a bride that I had once consumed inside me
I hear the whispers of my mom and dad and my brothers
I hear the man I love look into my eyes and say
“You, my love shall make the most beautiful bride”

With the pen in my hand, I feel a shiver inside me
I see the chaotic table with lot of documents.
I sense the vacuum inside me
I hear no giggles, I breath no fragrance, I see no loved ones around.
I sign on the papers five times,
I feel the dry summer afternoon breeze flow through the room
I am married they say, they congratulate me
I come out, I stay unnoticed, and I see no small girl
Waiting eagerly to get a glimpse of me
I hear no voices waiting to tell me
“I look the most beautiful bride”
I close my eyes, but it’s too late I guess
I fail to see the beautiful bride inside me,
I fail to see all the colors, all the jewelry,
All I hear now are the whispers, the assurances, and the beliefs of
My mom, my dad and my brothers that
“I shall make the most beautiful bride”.

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So true I love it


I love it so true


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