Him And The Pink Train

Him And The Pink Train long poem

Photo by OiMax

It hurts so much
Every single day
Facing the same problems when it all started 2 years ago
Not until June 9th
Where it will all be over
All the pain, the tears and the suffering
The short glances, the long creepy stares and the once in a million time smiles
The long lasting smiles anytime he’s around
The murdering thoughts of it’s never going to happen
The unanswerable questions
The missed chances and opportunities
The nervousness and awkwardness,
The obsessed moments,
The why did I questions which will never be answered in a million times to come
His laughs and smiles
It was like falling in love with an unknown world
Being a total stranger with an open mind
It was like you not able to sleep in the deafened dark with your loud blanket
It was like listening to a mute voice
It was like thinking he’s there when he’s not and will never be
It was like pushing every other thing behind you and chasing the disappearing scent of love
It was like waiting for someone that will never wait for you
It was loving him in the dark until the pink train arrived
It was like sinking deep in the ocean with half of it pink, and the other black
I was sinking in the black ocean unable to see the color pink
The black ocean covered me and pushed me to the very end
Making it impossible to see him
It was like thinking ‘bout someone who never thinks of you until you are useful
It was like you just missed your pink train; and followed the black train
This is exactly how it was; very painful
That it could have made me inexistence
But it didn’t because I knew
I knew there was something better
Even though it was the hardest thing to me to forget and let go
I knew there is still life after this,
I knew there was still a pink train waiting for me
I knew there was still HIM somewhere
Maybe I just have to look and never miss my pink train again
Cause if I do, then it will all be an illusion
That will make me more than inexistent

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