I’d Give You The Moon

Id Give You The Moon long poem

Photo by anees.waqas

We were fools-
Running away from the so called labyrinth of life
But only to come back with renewed wrath for each other.
Was it romance?
When we were inside your car,
It was raining a little that night,
And we sat in silence,
Only the ghost of you was there,
And I could’ve not ask for more.
Was it love?
When you said you’d give me the moon,
Along with the stars for you think I should always shine even on the darkenst nights,
And the sky, you said you will take,
So I could have something to look up to when you’re gone and not be able to be enough for my heart.
But all those sappy, cliché words and compliments,
I knew you were toxic,
For you gave me the moon, yes,
But along with was your jealousy, burning like the sun in the summer.
And you also gave me the stars,
But with that you gave me lightning and thunder by how much you abuse me mentally and sometimes physically even the winter will not keep up with your raging coldness.
Yes, darling, you gave me the sky,
But every time I look up,
Clouds will hover at me, dark, like your eyes when you tell me that you would do anything for me and I know when you say things like that,
I fall like the leaves in autumn and burn under the sun because I know, my dear, you are fucking lying to me.
But I love the way you play me,
And that is when I knew you were really really toxic.
You were my beautiful rose,
But you were so beautiful that you have thorns,
Sparkly, sharp but I had no problem gripping it in my hands,
I accepted it with my bleeding hands because your rose made me believe that bleeding is a sign that I’m alive,
And that made me continue,
I slid your thorns in my palm, wrist,
I almost died but in that moment, I told myself it’s okay to die, as long as it’s for you.
I dragged in in my heart and buried it and you watched, with a light smirk, while I was holding your vicious, poisonous rose.
I’d give you the moon, love.
But you’d settle for the sun.
And I can not give you that,
Because I am the moon,
I can only give myself,
And I’m not sure if you want that.

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