Justice For The Childless!

Justice For The Childless! short poem

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A year has passed since she lost what made her an avis;
A lot has happened since the tragedy and the crisis-
Still she has nothing at hand and feels aimless!
How is it that solving people’s problems is her business-
And she has to accept being helpless?

They tell her the system is slow and cumbrous-
And that she isn’t the only one but the waiting seems endless!
Inside her is a longing that could swallow the universe from emptiness
And though her claim is humane and doubtless
Still a man stands in the way of all that is priceless
A child is a woman’s promise-
Of endless love and cheeriness
How can people be so cruel and godless?
A mother and child share a bond so glorious-
Not even a court can break nor an impious!
So tell me is it wrong to go on with huffiness
When all I see is deceit and injustice?
I am sick of all the excuses and inaptness
Yet what can I say here I stand a woman who is childless
Facing a panel in a world that’s lost its sense of justice!

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Impressionist who enjoys writing poetry in symbolism laced with philosophy. Visit https://ello.co/pasitheaanimalibera
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