Not Every Fairy Tale Needs An Ending

Not Every Fairy Tale Needs An Ending short poem

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I don’t mind your goodbye if
only i see you rejoicing in the shade of your new found happiness
I will not cry over the memories you left me with
but will be satisfied to see
you are making your life’s best moments
(though not with me!)

I will not ask for your justifications
don’t be bothered to tell any
Reasons are for the consciousness
Even i didn’t ask myself why my heart would skip a beat
on your name
then why to ask you how could you adore me
with this beautiful pain?

Love is never half ..
it is never going to be one-sided
but is always complete in itself
magnificent from all sides
if you know my friend
what i mean
i don’t want you
for fulfilling my expectations about you and me
and ruin the very existence of my love

And i will not let the situation
hurt my love in any way
it is ugly to claim about
taking or giving up one’s life for the sake of somebody
but far blessed is to have a love
that makes it easier to live and die
more peacefully

So here i am not mourning or weeping
reading your name
your name shall never be used by me
to mourn over
what my ego could not achieve
For i will forever be brave believing blindly
that not
every fairy tale needs an ending

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