Be Warned

Be Warned short poem

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Lash after Lash you strike again you
come back to give yet another lash, like
it’s for you, the sparkle in your eye, the glare
on your face is not because of your new found love!
Oh no it’s because every person you hurt
is an achievement to your ego.
Without the hurt, without the falseness of your
existence you are nothing!
Always pointing fingers, making fun of the less fortunate
or just the little flaws every one is born with, have you
looked in the mirror lately?
For you are far from perfect, your flaws
covered in layers of makeup accompanied by lies to
cover your insecurities, you hate me for not
adoring an evil vessel like you, denial cannot hide what you are!
For the day of judgement shall come once be warned!
For your unjust you justify in the name of the Lord?
God took his people out from Egypt away from the oppressor yet
here you stand using the book of life to justify the way you brake souls
to reach which goal again?
Just remember evil will offer many rewards until the day of burning
so be warned…

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BioBeula Kapp born as a artistic soul developed the love of poetry, art and music In her early teens.Her poetry is filled with passion, life, struggles, questions that relates to the everyday person. Employed as a Pre-K Teacher allows her to passionately teach young souls the love of art, music, poetry, stories that will be taken with them as they grow. She enjoys not only writing poetry, short stories, flash fiction but reading it as well, thus she enjoys being part of online poetry communities where she is able to contribute, read and communicate with other artists.
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