I Am Not A Poet!

I Am Not A Poet! short poem

Uploaded by Sheena Singh

I am not a Poet,
with legacy,
nor do I sound

At times,
in an impulse
to explore
my wildest emotions,
words spill out,
blocking way
to rationalism..
in those verses
in different shades
neither rhyme,
nor reason..

Trust me,
When I say
they might sound
raw, out of sync..

I say, they’re
the purest
outbursts of a
hyperactive mind.

I’m not a poet,
I believe in
conveying my thoughts
in its own rhyme…

I’m a technocrat,
enjoying my struggle
in this fast,
mad cat race
at my own pace
to find my place!

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Sheena Singh

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I am an Engineer by profession drawn towards poems and short story writing. Pls feel free to share your valuable feedbacks. Thanks!
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Brilliant words

Simranjit Singh

then you are a poet after all, cheers.


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