Child Play

Child Play ode

Uploaded by Jobeth Medina

pick me up

i drag my corpse once again

back to the ground

gravity, why are you greedy?

hay and lilac grass

i want to sleep peacefully

to put it bluntly

i crash and sleep

momentum shifts and careless lips

put me back to where

the child plays with vehicles

ramble about the past tense

i wish i wish i could have

i should have

butter bitter better borrow blunders

i am sailing

no not the sea because the sea

it is where i instead of floating

the sea is where i choke suffocate

my hands hoping pleading

for that sweet gulp of oxygen but

i drown

i always drown

and it is not gravity at fault

i am at fault for my own tragedies

so i’m sorry gravity

please forgive my existence

take my short term breaths

and bring me back to the ground

that is where i belong

the dust filled pavements

compared to a sea

where the ground is non-existent

for my desperate feet to lay or stand on

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