Quiet, Solitary Room

Quiet, Solitary Room prose poem

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In a quiet, solitary room, the light softly pours into the multi-colored windows,
Filling it with a reminder of the Father’s covenant.
The children gather one by one and two by two,
Praying for hope to be given in the midst of their wandering.
Their silent words ascend from their lips into the heavens,
Where the Father waits patiently for each and every prayer.
In this little room, the children pray for Him to guard them against the Evil One,
And to guide them along the narrow path.
Although unseen, the children can feel His gentle hand being placed on their shoulders,
And He can see this little room radiating with such a power that the Evil One shudders in the dark depths.
Then, as the bells toll during the children’s departure,
A smile spreads on each and every face,
For it dwells in their hearts that it is only by the Father that they can overcome their trials.
The quiet, solitary room waits for its congregants to gather again,
For the presence of the Father is no longer within that small atmosphere.
Rather, it is now sent far and deep into the world.

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Kathryn Sain

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I've been writing poetry ever since middle school, but I've never really thought about releasing my work to the public until coming to college. Currently, I am studying music as my major and English as my minor.
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