Flying With My Acoustic Six Strings..

Flying With My Acoustic Six Strings.. prose poem

Photo by Calil Souza

We are going to Dubai yeah yeah
Everyone so excited hey hey
The one who is not is me
Why o why I hear you ask
‘Coz I have a question on my mind
And it is quite a task
Can’t go without my guitar ‘coz it’s close to my heart
Oh that’s an excuse so bizarre
It’s an addiction to reach to perfection
Travelling with the guitar is cool
Only when I go by car
It’s a Cort Earthgrand acoustic one
Want to take it along so we can have fun
But I don’t know what the airlines think
They can turn it into trash just in a wink
And then say Sorry ma’am it’s your tough luck
And keep passing around the buck
As cold and heartless as a dead duck!!

To keep my guitar safe someone please tell me
Should I trust the airline staff or should I let it be

I have heard heaps of plaint
They wreck the guitar and leave you to faint
They cannot understand it’s like a little child
Always taken care of never left in the wild
Like the most precious possession
And that no one can share
Every scratch is like a heartbreak
Which gives such an awful ache
Like a broken tattered delicious cake and
No repair can fix the quake

What will I do without you Oh dear guitar
If I do not take you along with me
I will be visiting beautiful scrapers
But you will be sitting quietly afar
Missing me playing your frets and strings
While I roam around in the land of kings.

So handle my guitar with care
And I promise I will fly with your airlines without fear..

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