Mental Or Physical Chains?

Mental Or Physical Chains? long poem

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Sometimes we are blind,
The truth is visible,
But we can’t see,
We struggle to fight our mentality,
Your eyes can see,
But your mind is inflexible,
Even though,
The past is gone,
In our mind, it remains fresh,
Chaining our physical progress

And you wonder,
What can I do?
My life is destroyed,
My thoughts are responsible,
How can I change them?
My pessimism is so great,
Please somebody help?
Forgetting that; it’s our life,
Our first initiative can help,
But being human beings,
We wait for others to take the initiative,
We fail so badly.

Come to think of it,
We all have brains,
Same physical features,
Then someone tell me,
Why do we think others are better than us?
Have you ever thought about it?
If not please do,
Our mentality can be our success or failure,
If you think you can, then you actually can,
Otherwise, if you think you can’t,
Then you can’t.

We cry to the Almighty,
Day and night,
He answers our prayers,
But our mentality fails us,
We simply can’t see or understand,
We want food,
He actually gives us energy to work,
But we are lazy,
We sit and wait for manna,
Forgetting that,
Even when Israelites were given manna,
God didn’t collect it and feed them.

Our problems begins and ends,
With our mentality,
The chains of the disabled,
Doesn’t stop them,
From earning a living,
It’s their physical features disabled,
Not their mentality,
By accepting who they are,
They manage to live a better life,
Then someone please tell me,
When we are so normal,
Why can’t we succeed?
Is it our mentality or physical chains,
Be the judge!

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