My Soul, My Strength

It has weakened my body,
Made me a slave of medication,
A mockery of the society,
Isolated from others,
Have missed childhood games,
Missed the love of my age mates,
Always on treatment,
I feel like an experimental object,
So many piercing of syringes,
No mercy for a person like me,
So unfair ……

When in a crowd,
My face is ever down,
Unworthy to look at others,
I’m given my own stuff,
Once done, they are thrown,
I wonder sometimes,
Why I had to be born,
There must be a reason,
Why I never give up,
Why I wake up every day,
Follow medication,
Eat healthy foods,
And hope for a better tomorrow

Look here dear Jessie,
You are a fighter,
A warrior,
Your faith is unshakable,
It can move mountains,
Every time you close your eyes,
You defeat the virus,
It’s in your mercies,
Your soul is untouched,
It soldiers in this journey bravely,
And lives each day like there is no tomorrow,
I tell myself every day

I refuse defeat,
I will emerge victorious,
This war is mine,
And I, Jessie,
I’m gonna win this war,
With a soul of a soldier,
I will match on till the end of me,
The end which I deserve,
I say to hell with the virus’ cowardice,
It can only hurt my flesh,
Not my soul,
My soul is my strength.

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Krish Chatakondu

Why did you touch my heart with hands… with so much of pain…. how did you relieve this pain of mine with so much of optimism….????

Yvonne Mueni



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