Election Blues

Election Blues short poem

Uploaded by Ellie Wedgbury

That’s it.
I am never ever, ever, ever going out
Ever again!

Why am I so awkward? Oh god everyone is laughing!
Why me? A scarlet shade of shame
If I cover my cheeks they’ll know I’m blushing.
If I don’t they’ll see scarlet, brick, burgundy, ruby.
Oh well I guess they’ll see red anyway.
Is it possible to die of embarrassment?
Is there a morgue for the mortified?
I shouldn’t have ignored
The elephant in the room
I have been well and truly

I’m going to cry.
Is it possible to turn invisible in a nation
Stained in red?
The swing states are not my fate
My ego crashed along with
Canada’s immigration site
A different kind of Bill is needed
To win

I’ve fell off the wall
It seems Trumpty Dumpty stands tall
I shouldn’t have ignored
The elephant in the room

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Ellie Wedgbury

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18 year old poet who specializes in satirical and humorous poems.
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