Portrait Of A Lady Come To Life

Portrait Of A Lady Come To Life long poem

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Staring out of the upper window in the broad
daylight, starched in a broad collar and a long
flowing dress of black, it is as cold as an icy
January morning you just know something
is in the room with you and if you could move
you’d be getting out of there fast ‘cuz story goes
she was a vain and self-centered woman
from many centuries ago but God only knows
the true secret life that remains untold but
the portrait of a smile less Fraulein still haunts
those who own the painting after all this time
a legend in her own mind, evil incarnate suspended
in time…
disrupting a God fearing family’s life, greatly
enjoying scaring the hell out of them oh and
there she goes driving them crazy again causing
chaos and just laughing about it but no one else
seems to be laughing about it but there’s just
no doubt about it…
morning, day and night, as cold as ice…
well my advice is to burn that damn painting and
burn it tonight!

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Bo Lanier

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Bo Lanier is from Chattanooga, Tennessee and has become an established poet with five books to his credit that were published in Canada. He received several achievement awards in creative writing through poetry.com and has recently published two eBooks and one paperback book through Lulu.com. After a nine year hiatus, Bo returned to publishing his poems with a new outlook and fresh ideas. His other talents include singing and songwriting.
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