Fall in a hole and you’ll never get out
Unless there’s a ladder, or someone to pull you out
But you can’t take the chance
You can’t take the risk
They’re basically the ones who got you in this mess

They lied
They cheated
They acted like your friend
They made it look like your fault
and in the end
you’re lying on the floor
in the deepest ditch.
You can’t feel nothing
can’t see nothing
It’s the blackish pitch

Why can’t you see
their hidden colors
Why can’t you see
what they’re trying to do

You say it’s all fine
You act like it’s fine
You know it’s not fine
You hate it not fine
You want it all fine
You need it all fine
It has to be fine
It HAS of be fine

You left your family for this
You lied and cheated on your friends for this
They said things
wrong things
They said it would bring you bliss
but in the end
It didn’t even bring you plain happiness

They used you
That plain and simple
They befriend then unfriend you
in a time so little
You have no friends now
Which they planned all along
They tricked you to dig your own grave
You got it all wrong

You’ve said it’s all fine
You’ve acted like it’s fine
You’ve known it’s not fine
You’ve hated it not fine
You’ve wanted it all fine
but that can’t be
You still need it all fine
but that can’t be

Because you’re in hole
and you’ll never get out
there is no ladder
and no one to pull you out
They’ve all gone away
Left you for dead
They said you were crazy
That it’s all in our head.

But it’s not all in your head
you’re not crazy
You’re no crazier than I
You’re just lazy
You’re ignorant
and when the tables have turned
you’re innocent
And that’s why you’re in a hole, right
You should’ve caught yourself from falling.

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We should think more enough, so I hope I make you think, and vice versus.
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