Once Upon A Valentine

Once Upon A Valentine long poem

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Once upon a lonesome January night
love called at my door with a valentine.
Blinded with ecstasy I gave up liberty-
while on duty nesting for my brood.
And so this is how I missed all the clues!

One day the sun shone and the snow melted-
exposing that it was all about the damn quid!
I woke up floored with the brutal damage
shaking like a leaf wondering what I did
that was so wrong to end up in this plight!

Right before my eyes I saw my life taken with one smite-
and all that I done fine and hold enshrine was his to undermine!
He sat there smirking and pointing out what a Charlie-
I am for forsaking who I know for someone I wooed!
With no one to accuse but myself; I am left with rues!

Now that I am free again I am finishing all that was forestalled
retracing all that I did so that I never again underbid-
family and friends – people I know I owe homage-
for showing me what it takes to stand by their kid!
Thank you for teaching me how to stand and fight!

The art of plastic is tough when all you have is contrite!
Lesson learned: half-truths are deceit gone opaline!
This charlie is no longer a Chatty Cathy or carefree!
Yes, old is gold and so is good but today is for the shrewd!
For only time brews who’s who so lets not get lost in hues of views!

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Impressionist who enjoys writing poetry in symbolism laced with philosophy. Visit https://ello.co/pasitheaanimalibera
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