In A Deer Garden

In A Deer Garden short poem

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At Sarnath the deer park where
Gautama the Buddha first taught the dharma


Enlightened lord your wisdom is our knowledge ,
sufficient is that knowledge to ensure
our covenant with wisdom in its turn .
At the cliffs-edge ,where we nurse a natural pressure
biased slump-wards, immediacy of desire
adjourns the cause. The drop may claim
all complacency and complacents at their game .
Lord ,aid this luckless race to somehow stall
their luckless times . Your coverall
would articulate the latent wonder if at all
the landward retraction from the edge
is patronized by possibility . In your paternity
is your privilege to bless into marriage
the bride in wisdom and a groom humanity .


Only what the world wants the world gets,
whatever it wants it heroises ,what it heroises
It emulates ,what it emulates, it protects
also achieves to the extent it devises
naked effort ,and excises opposition .
It paginates only two books (those of losses
And gains) relentlessly from election ,selection .
Utile thoughts , for ‘this- best- form- of –life-
On –the- worst –plane- of- living ‘ I can offer ,
If they work out and willingly chose as demister ,
This “Wisdom”, as you circumstate my life .
Whatever it has , the world wanted and worked for ;
How may I enforce my alms upon their concept-
When the world knows its poverty , it will accept !

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59 year old male living in Mumbai India. Founder member of poetry circle Mumbai in 1986 . Been away from poetry for two decades. Have a collection ready for publishing .want to share poems on line
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