Excuses short poem

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We have heard it all,
So and so is a multimillionaire,
He began by rearing chicken,
Don’t you wonder?
How did they reach at the top?
Just because of chicken?
The answer is simple,
They didn’t have excuses not to succeed,
They saw needs,
And needs they fulfilled,
They feared nothing and no one,
They took risks,
But what are you doing?
You are forgetting my friend,
You can always find a hook,
To hang on your excuses,
But they will remain just excuses.

You hear them call you,
It hurts, doesn’t it?
It’s embarrassing to admit,
But it’s true anyway,
Though many doors are open for you,
The courage to go through is nowhere,
You hate keeping abreast,
News passes you,
You dislike business talk,
How will you become a billionaire?
Sleep, sleep, sleep!
That’s all you do,
Then God should help?
Not really,
I say abandon excuses,
And face the world,

Should I say I pity you?
Your siblings are waiting,
You can’t even cloth them,
Tell me,
Why did you go to university?
You got a degree in cowardice?
So sad!
The world is watching my friend,
Grab your CV,
Get on the business,
You got to find work,
Somehow and somewhere,
Stay away from them my friend,
They will always be excuses,
Live up to your potential.

Dear friend,
You think they do it better,
Have you ever thought?
You can do it better,
Just thing big like Carson says,
Do your best and do it better,
The rest, leave to God,
Excuses hide the bitter truth to the world,
But never,
To you.

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5 Comments on "Excuses"

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Krish Chatakondu

…..wake up call…..I liked the way it sounded….. written with the best of the best intentions…..

Aheli Chaudhuri

The poem is simply igniting. It ignites really ignites to leave excuses snd get up and step on the floor.

kevinkianga kianga

So ethusing. No excuses.


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